Mountain View Iris Society Photography Contest

The Mountain View Iris Society invites you to participate in the photography contest held during the Mountain View Iris Society Iris Show May 4, 2019. The contest is FREE and OPEN TO EVERYONE, with the exception of judges. Judges from other iris clubs will judge the photos and their decisions will be final. 

Entry of photographs constitutes permission for Mountain View Iris Society to use them in other posters or publications. Irises in the photographs must be of the genus iris.

Entries will be judged in the following five (5) classes:

1. Irises in a landscaped garden, home garden, or in nature.

2. A child, a person or persons with irises.

3. Portrait of a single iris or multiple blooms of the same cultivar.

4. Photos of pets, wildlife, or garden art with irises (no people in photo).

5. Mountain View city garden or historic downtown structure with irises in photo.

Any photograph taken by a youth photographer (under 18) in any of the six (5) categories will be judged separately from the adult entrants. BEST IN SHOW and the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD can be won by a youth or an adult. 

Contest Rules:

1) Entries will be accepted in person at the Mountain View Iris Festival office 312 W. Main, Mountain View or by mailing entries to P.O. Box 2945, Mountain View, Arkansas.

2) Bring your photo entries to the Mountain View Iris Festival Office 312 Main on Friday, May 3, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The iris show is being held at the Mountain View Iris Festival Office, 312 W. Main.  Entries, ribbons, and prizes must be on display for the entire show which ends Saturday, May 4 at 5:00 p.m. All entries must be picked up by end of show. Entries not picked up will not be mailed back to the exhibitor.

3) All entries must be the work of the exhibitor. Any changes to the original image must be the work of the exhibitor and may include manipulation, cropping, enhancing for color/clarity. All classes are open to color or black and white photographs.

4) There is no set time frame for when the photo was taken, i.e., if the photo was taken years ago, we still want you to enter into the competition!

5) Exhibitors may enter up to five different photographs – one entry per each of the five classes. For example, if a husband and wife team wants to enter photos into the contest, they both can do so. The husband may enter five photos (one each class) and the wife may do the same.

6) We will accept all types of photographs, even images printed on copy paper, but we would prefer all images on photographic paper. Matte, satin or glossy finishes may be used. The use of white borders will be accepted as well. The photos don’t have to be mounted, but mounting is encouraged. You might want to mount each photograph on light weight, still card stock, matte board or foam core. Conventional mounting may be used, but is not required. There are no maximum or minimum sizes required. PLEASE - NO GLASS OR FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS ALLOWED

7) An index card must accompany each exhibit with the following information provided: name of photographer, city and state, title of photograph (if known). Youth entries need to include name of the school the youth attends and current school grade. No points will be deducted if you do not know the name of the iris in your photo. PLEASE – DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK OF YOUR PHOTOS AND DON’T PAPER CLIP THE INDEX CARD TO THE PHOTOS. IT CAN CAUSE CREASING OF THE PHOTO.

8) For class 5, please identify the general area where the photo was taken.

9) Please indicate the top of the photograph on the back of the photo.

10) Names, signatures, or other identifying marks on the photo will cause it to be disqualified.

11) MVIS cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged photos, but we will exercise caution in safeguarding your photos.

12) Only one first, second, third may be given in each class if merited. Honorable Mentions may be awarded only in classes where the top three awards are given. One photograph will be awarded BEST OF SHOW BY THE JUDGING COMMITTEE. A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD will be voted on by the general public during the hours of the horticulture show (10:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

13) Any questions regarding processes or rules may be answered by contacting the Mountain View Iris Society office at 870-269-4044 or by sending an email to

14) The recommended scale of points by which the classes are judged include:

a) Creativity – 25 points

b) Composition – 25 points

c) Craft/Technical Skill – 25 points

d) Content, Conformance and Interpretation of Class – 25 points

TOTAL 100 points